Bistro Feedback – We Get All Kinds…Even Some Good

Today I was digging for some info on ‘hamburger menu’ and came across the following section:

We get a lot of feedback of all sorts. We respond to 99% of it. I dont have the opportunity to do that much of the respondingtrying to do my job and all of helping Steve to run the companybut from time to time I do get the chance to have a bit of a dialog. Often, the ones that come to me are the ones that deal with the philosophies and menu choices that we have for the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens. Since I was the main driver behind the menu and philosophies, sometimes Im the best to

I tried several more searches on ‘hamburger menu’ but after some time I got lazy, gave up and posted this entry to ‘Homemade hamburger’. Still, I think it was an interesting time.

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